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Fight against
loss of autonomy,
let's promote multigenerational
mutual help.

Looking after your neighbor requires
above all human qualities.

I subscribe

Multigenerational mutual help platform.

Mon Veilleur & Moi allows direct contact between people who feel isolated, the elderly
or whose autonomy is reduced, and people who want to take care of their well-being at home.

These “Watchmen” (students, active or retired), motivated by multigenerational values of mutual aid, improve
the daily life of their “Hosts” by providing simple, paid or volunteer services.

Their connection is facilitated by a system of correspondence of the needs
of the "Hosts" with the availabilities of the "Watchmen".

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You are ?

Host poster

(or his caregiver)

A single, elderly and/or dependent person,
wishing to find a Watchman
for a paid and/or volunteer service.

I subscribe to find a Watchman I still have questions
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A person available to perform
a paid and/or volunteer service.

I subscribe to find a Host I still have questions

Our services?

They include all your needs but also all your desires!


Night watch

Night watch



Small helps

Small helps



Support for appointments

for appointments










How it works?

For the Hosts as for the Watchmen

Je définis


I define

who I am and what my needs are, in my profile.

Je découvre


I discover

people who meet my expectations and I click on their picture to view their profile.

Je prends contact


I get in touch

through instant messaging to get to know and agree on the provision of services.



I assess

spent moments, by going back to the profile of my supports.

In short, Mon Veilleur & Moi, it's what?

La facilité


One-stop platform for all your needs and desires.

La sécurité


Secure data, verified profiles and assessed services.

La liberté


The possibility of consulting the different profiles yourself and interacting with any support without intermediary.

La solidarité


Affordable paid services, unrestricted volunteering.

Who are we?

We both face the isolation of the elderly and disabled on a daily basis. We are also two girls and little girls who care about the well-being of older members of our family, and more generally of our society.

We are witnessing today a growing desire to help others, at any age. This is why we are convinced that a multigenerational mutual help system will allow elderly and dependent people to continue living at home longer, at an affordable cost.

Mon Veilleur & Moi appears to be the ideal solution to find the Watchman/Watchmen best suited to their needs.

Kristina Schreiber

Kristina Schreiber


Kristina Schreiber has always wanted to help the elderly on a global level hence the birth of the project Mon Veilleur & Moi a few years ago. This idea was born out of personal experiences of helping elderly people during her studies, and was refined over time to finally become concrete.

Cecilia Schreiber


Professor of Schools, Cecilia Schreiber's desire to promote the inclusion and development of people with special needs led her, in her profession, to teach in LUSI (Localized Units for School Inclusion), both in college and primary school. She participated in the adventure Mon Veilleur & Moi since its inception, and allowed this project to finally come to fruition.

Cecilia Schreiber